Anoxia at Birth Injury

Anoxia in reference to babies is the complete deprivation of oxygen to the brain at birth. Partial lack of oxygen to the brain of a new born is called Hypoxia. The brain is a sensitive organ which needs oxygen in order to survive and function. Lack of oxygen to the brain at birth can cause permanent brain injury damage in a baby, which is devastating to victims and their families. There are lawyers who specialize in this type of birth trauma case. Brain damage or brain injury can cause conditions such as cerebral palsy and mental retardation in newborns.

Anoxic injury in a newborn is the most common cause of damage to a baby’s brain and nervous system. Attending medical staff are responsible for monitoring a baby during delivery and should take appropriate action to avoid such situations as Anoxia.

If you or your family has been touched by the tragedy of Anoxia at birth or another form of newborn birth injury and birth trauma, you may want to consider hiring a birth injury lawyer. Feel free to call at (810) 603-3400 for a free consultation or fill out our simple inquiry form, or just send us an email.

It can be challenging to find the right birth injury lawyer to handle these complex cases. Our law firm helps victims of birth trauma and medical malpractice find the best birth injury attorney focused on Anoxia birth trauma, a unique area of law practice. We will do our best to help you or refer you to a birth injury attorney in your area who understands the complexities of Anoxia and the law.

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