Erb’s Palsy

Also known as brachial palsy in newborns, Tyler Erb’s Palsy, Klumpke paralysis, and Erb-Duchenne paralysis, Erb’s Palsy typically paralyzes or weakens the arm or hand of a newborn.

There are different degrees of paralysis:


Type of brachial palsy: Area affected:
Erb’s Palsy upper arm and rotation of the lower arm
Brachial plexus usually only the upper arm
Klumpke paralysis hand and possibly an eyelid that will droop on the other side of the body





Some Causes:

  • Breech deliveries (feet first): too much pressure on the arm
  • Vertex deliveries (head first): too much pulling on the shoulders
  • If a C-section is not performed in a timely fashion, brachial palsy can occur.
  • Damage to the nerves around the shoulder, or brachial plexus.

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